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The future depends onwhat you do in the present

Human Needs Questionnaire

  • Take the Needs Questionnaire and receive a Free Professional Analysis of your Top Human Needs! You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are and have insight into your habits, patterns and emotions.

    Every statement must be graded as: "Yes," "Partly," or "No." Honestly grade each statement: "Yes," for "yes, this really is how I am." "Partly" for "this is partly how I am," and "No" for" this is probably not how I am." (If you don't know whether it applies, it's usually best to check "No.")

    For questions which feel difficult or tricky to answer Ask your self, "Does this sound like me?" then give your answer  There are no wrong answers only honest answers.

  • Please complete the required information below and click submit to send your completed questionnaire. Your responses will be analyzed, reviewed and sent to you within 3 Days or less.  Please remember to check your SPAM Folder if you do not see your personal analysis within 3 days.

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