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Who do you want to Serve?

As a Strategic Life Coach who works with many clients on their Professional & Career development, I will encounter clients who feel either stuck in their careers or those who don't know what career to pursue. As with all clients I ask what I believe to be the most important question any professional can be asked whether at the beginning of their careers or when searching for a new career.  The questions I ask is, “Who do you want to serve." Often this question is one many people have have not contemplated. Who do you wanna to serve, means who do you wanna to help in your professional life because at the end of the day we all serve someone or something. If you are currently in a career ask yourself who you are currently serving and is that really who's mission you want to be advancing. This is why this question is so important. Manny people will search for the job they want to have and Donn't always think about who they want to do that job for. 

Who we serve in life is similar to saying who are the clients you want to work for or to help. Often times I will have someone say, “I don’t have clients,” or “I’m not in business for myself” or “I have a job but no clients of my own.” I respond by saying “If you have a job you have a client and someone that you serve.” Sometimes people will say, “Well I serve my boss or I serve the company.” When this is the case for someone, this can often explain why so many people are miserable at their place of work.

Think about it, when you work day in day out to serve your boss who perhaps you don’t like or even if you do like them, serving them is still not you life’s purpose unless you are passionate about serving your boss because you believe in their mission. As an example: if I worked for Tony Robbins I would be motivated to work hard because as a Coach myself working with such a great Coach would be inspiring. But if my boss is just a great person it wouldn’t inspire me for very long. If you serve the company you work for then again you should believe in that companies mission because whoever their client is, is also your client and that is who you truly serve.

Knowing who you are serving is vital to your happiness and longevity at a Job, Career and a Business you own. I always help my clients first determine this important yet almost forgotten aspect of choosing which career or job they choose. Most often people choose a profession based on their skills, monetary gains or what they like to do which is great but for long term happiness make sure you are also serving a client whom you are happy, proud and inspired to work for and who fulfills your purpose! The reality is everyone can do this and everyone can make this shift towards working for their purpose!



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