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What a stupid question right? Of course, I am paying attention to my life, I’m living it every single day! Are you.. are you really or are you just going through the movements without the substance?

Think about it really for a second. Seriously stop and think about it…. I can tell you when I began thinking about this question I immediately thought… of course, I am.  Then I started to think a little deeper and realized maybe I’ve just been going through the movements of life but I haven’t really been paying attention to my life. I realized that I had not really been paying attention the way I need to reach my destination. 

So what does paying attention to your life really mean anyway? Well for one it’s not about checking your schedule and seeing what’s on the agenda for today nor is it making plans for the future. What paying attention to your life means has to do with how you are showing up to your life on a daily basis and what meaning do the things you do have to your overall purpose in life. Heavy Stuff? No, not really and this doesn’t have to be complex or difficult. 

When you are not paying attention to your life things happen to you versus things happening for you. When you pay attention to your life you are living intentionally and not accidentally. Too many people today are going through the motions of life such as: 

Waking up, worrying about getting to work on time, eating something (or not), getting dressed, getting in the car or train, getting to work, having lunch, feeling exhausted, leaving work, picking up the kids (if you have kids), driving home, eating dinner, putting the kids to sleep, watching some Netflix or HBO and then go to sleep. 

These people, like myself at one time, are stuck and are detached from their lives most often. This is not to say that everyone with a similar routine is stuck or not paying attention. Many people do pay attention and what they do is they have asked themselves tough questions such as: “where am I going in life?” and “what am I really doing with my life?” These people want more out of life and have decided to pay attention, ask a question and take an action. Once you ask these questions you are forced to pay attention because your brain must come up with answers intentionally.

The Questions we ask ourselves

As you begin to Pay More Attention to Your Life you will begin to ask yourself harder questions which will demand answers and by avoiding them you are choosing a state of denial. It really comes down to the questions you are asking yourself daily which will determine your direction in life.  Knowing your direction it shows you are paying attention because knowing your direction is intentional. Even those who know they are headed for trouble are still intentionally going in that direction. 

So what Questions do you ask yourself so you are paying attention to your life?

Here are some great starter questions for those who are brave enough to pay attention:

Could I be doing better? What do I really want? Am I happy most of the time? Do I love the way my life is today? Am I comfortable or am I growing? ls, this all there is? Am I really present in my relationship? Am I passionate about what I do? Is there something I love that I’m not doing?



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