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As a Strategic Life Coach, my objective is to help you achieve real measurable results quickly and effectively by uncovering the real challenges stopping you from reaching your desired goals. Often our potential is blocked by our emotions, beliefs, or values which can feel like unseen forces within us that we can't seem to figure out on our own. I will provide you with the honest unbiased support, strategies, tool, and guidance needed to identify and eliminate the challenges which have been hindering your path to success.

Strategic Coaching is a unique holistic approach to your goals and challenges. This approach focuses on creating personal fulfillment while reaching your goals versus just achieving a goal and wondering, "Is this all there is?" I use the most effective and practical strategies within the practice of Strategic Intervention to uncover personal motivations, enhance communication, discover hidden challenges and influence strategic action, eliminate problems, and achieve any goal you choose.

If you are ready to create the results you desire in your life now and live a more fulfilling life, contact me today to begin that journey!

The Human Needs Questionnaire is the foundation of Strategic Coaching and will reveal your Top 2 Human Needs which rule most of your personal behaviors. When gaining clarity of your motivations we can begin to unravel the challenges keeping you for reaching your goals. After taking this questionnaire you will receive an immediate full analysis by email and the option to schedule a Free 30min Coaching Consultation.


  • "I am so incredibly thankful for the support and help I received from Stephane. I had become very adept at putting many personal and career issues aside while I suffered through my days. After a particularly difficult year I found that I was essentially just existing and not enjoying one minute of my life. I read the reviews on Yelp and the Strategic Life Coaching Website and decided to take my chances. I am writing now at the other end of my work with Stephane, in a much better state of mind, with many issues resolved and the remaining being addressed. One of the most important things I learned during my time with him was to be brave, to identify the issues and then to actually address them directly! There were a few key reasons I was successful with this approach while working with Stephane. First, he is a genuinely kind and caring person who was invested in helping me find myself and figure out my issues. Read more on my Testimonials page."
    C. B.
  • "Looking for help in adjusting to challenges I was having in my marriage brought me to Stephane's Strategic Life Coaching. I didn't know talking to a professional would help so much. I was not sure how to handle my situation with the problems my husband and I were having. Stephane was very patient, a good listener and asked questions that made me think. It was hard, but he helped me re-prioritize my thinking: what was most important to me, how to handle situations more positively.

    He made me realize that I was avoiding certain issues which was leaving me angry, not happy, and 'stuck' in my relationship. Now I’m handling things more confidently, our communication is clearer and our relationship is much stronger. Thank you so much, Stephane, for being there for me when I needed it!"
    Nadine L.
  • "The last 6 months have been a defining point in my life. Without your help I don't think I would have reached my goals or accomplished as much in regards to my goals for my relationship with my husband. I feel blessed to have been recommend to you and as you likely remember I was worried about just having phone sessions to work on my relationship. I am glad I trusted you or I don't know where my marriage would be right now as we had seen two marriage counselors with no changes and no hope left.

    What truly impressed us was your dedication to working with us and how you were determined to help us find our way back to eachother. I will recommend you to all those I know with relationship struggles as well as those I know with everyday struggles as I know you have a gift to heal what feels broken."
    Abigail & Robert F.
  • "When I first decided on Coaching I was reall not sure it was for me as I had lost trust in getting any sort of help due to continued poor experinces with therapist. Wow, am I glad I met you Stephane, thank you for your diligent approach to my problems and your brilliant strategies for help me get from A-Z. I could tell right from our consultation how much you truly cared about my challenges and how you knew what my problems were before I even voiced them.

    I realized in working with you that I had never truly been understood and that would explain why I never gain results in my life until I started working with you. I know we have more work to do together but I felt complelled to let you know how much I apprechiate your efforts and how much they have paid off already in just a few sessions. I trust your process 110% and already my family has seen the huge transformations I have made in my life. I look forward to our next session and again thank you and my family thanks you!"
    Jason P.
  • "I was reffered to Stephane's coaching by a close friend had only great things to say so I decided to give coaching a shot with Stephane. I am a very discerning individual who does his due diligence and asks friends for their recommendation as well and Stephane's I can say you have passed my test. I finally feel that I have a grasp on my life and on my career goals. I had several challenges I was dealing with and tried for years to understand and over come hem without success. Within a couple sessions Stephane had been able to full understand my situation, identify the real challenges and layed out a plan of activites for me to better understand my issues which helped me gain the confidence to make tough choices. I would like to thank you for your hard work over the last 6 months, my life has truly changed in wondeful ways and I have reached my goals faster then I thought possible. I really couldn't be happier with your services and look forward to our continued sessions!"
    Josh C.
  • "I really don't right reviews because i have never felt compelled to do so but I have to really say THANK YOU! You have helped me regain my confidence and help me see how I was standing in my own way. What I love about your coaching is you are procative and not just asking me questions where I am always figuring out the answer. You really guided me and broke down my barriers with the use of your amazing exaplainations of what I was going through really and why I had put myself in these situations. Most of I will say that your customer service is impeccable you were always available to speak and always ready and willing to make time for my needs. I know our sessions just ended but as I stated over the phone yesterday I will be purchasing another package today. I am excited to continue my personal develpment and I will 110% recommend you to all my friends!

    You're awesome!"
    Amy M.
  • "Stephane I would very much like to thank you for your services in helping my son reach is goals in just 3 months of your coaching services. I have never seen him happier and more motivated to begin his career as an engineer. I recall the first time we spoke and I want to thank you for the first thing you told me and that was telling me everything was going to be ok. I must admit I was skeptical and I was also desperate for help with my son.

    The reason I chose your services after speaking to 3 other coaches is because I could tell you were passionate about your work and in a sincere authentic manner. I also believe to be good at your job you have to be passionate and driven, of course that doesnt make someone qualified but I trusted you and you made sense when we spoke and I could tell you knew what you were doing. As a perant it is difficult to place their lives in the hands of another and so my exwife and I wanted the best for our son and we surely got the best!"
    Andy R.
  • "I reached out to Stephane for help with my procrastination/feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed, and also for some help with my relationship. He's very positive and compassionate, but also brutally honest with you. He has helped me overcome my anxiety, deal with procrastination, and work through my relationship issues (it's still an uphill battle but I feel stronger now :)). Stephane sincerely wants to help and makes himself very accessible, above and beyond what I'd expect, being very patient with questions even towards the end of sessions (and never makes you feel rushed), and even going over sessions if needed. This may lead to some delays in other sessions (sometimes he doesn't make the call on time, but it's usually for an unavoidable reason, and he apologizes sincerely every time and never fails to reschedule. It's fine by me as I have a flexible schedule but you might want to be prepared for that.)"
    Maria W.
  • "My time with Stephane was a positive one. During our sessions, I found Stephane to be a competent and supportive professional, offering me the resources and expertise of a seasoned coach. Compassionate, sensible, and service-oriented, Stephane went above and beyond to accommodate me and my needs. He expertly paid close attention to what I had to say and the goals I had for our work together. He was attentive and available, and his professionalism revealed a strong desire to help people.

    I emerged from our sessions knowing myself better and being empowered to live the life I wanted to live. He gave me tools to achieve the goals I set for myself; in short, he was everything I would have hoped for in a life coach and would recommend him with flying colors."
  • "I reached out to Stephane in a crisis mode after being recommended by a friend. It was a dire situation and Stephane immediately helped me calm down, made me feel at ease. Ever since that first call, it has been an eye opening experience in learning about myself, working through my issues through all the exercises that Stephane has provided. To begin with, he is very personable, genuinely interested in your situation, takes time to really understand it, gets to the root of it, and try to sort it from there. He is someone you will instantly feel like trusting. The fact that he has so much experience in dealing with personal and professional cases helps in him understanding your case better than you yourself would. Everyone should have a coach like Stephane regardless of whether one is going through a tough time in life or not. The other great thing about him is that he is not someone who will stop you right at the end of your time limit and say we agreed upon 1 hour and the time is up."
    Sandeep K.
  • "As a 22 year old trying to understand more about myself every single day, I can't tell you how blessed I am that I discovered the life coaching services that Stephane offers. I was suffering through some anxiety issues as my life was spiraling out of control with my family issues and my own personal issues.

    Even through my maelstrom of problems, Stephane adeptly identified the parts of my life that I needed to focus in on more in order to improve and CHANGE for the better. He is a patient listener and you know that his service and dedication to you is genuine. It also helps that he has gone through a lot himself and can relate to you.

    I would definitely recommend him to anyone who just needs someone with an unbiased ear. I had no idea how much I needed an outside look at my situation until I spoke to Stephane."
    Brian H.
  • "When I first met Stephane I was a lost 22 year old who didn't know which direction I wanted to take in life. I was confused and frustrated but when I sat down with Stephane and had our weekly meetings, life would get easier and easier each time. He listened to everything I had to say and always gave me great feedback. Everything Stephane has taught me has made me become a more confident person, calmer person, and especially a more positive person and I thank him so much for that. He's not just a life coach but also a friend because he genuinely cares about each and every one of his clients. I strongly recommend Stephane to anyone who was like me; lost and confused, or even just any other issues that you may be going through. I know for a fact that Stephane can help because he has helped me and so many other's find their path in life."
    Olivia C.
  • "I utilized Strategic Life Coaching / Stephane Allinquant to get a fresh start on connecting with my daughter. We had been estranged from each other for a long time. I wasn't able to see a constructive way to communicate with her without blaming.

    Mr Allinquant listened very well and asked me the 'good questions' that needed to be asked. I'd been 'stuck' before this. Strategic Life Coaching helped me focus, and gave me the encouragement I needed to make a big change.

    Thanks so much for helping me make a breakthrough!"
    Tom N.



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